Competition results

The New Horizons Competition Grand Prix was awarded by the audience to Ron Havillo for his outstanding film

Potosi: the journey
(Potosi: le temps du voyage)

average rating: 4,95

The succesive positons are:

2. Bahman Ghobadi's Half Moon (Niwemang) (4,68) ;

3. Morten Hartz Kaplers's AFR (4,63);

4. Roy Anderson's You, the Living (Du levande) (4,35);

5. Jasper Ganslandt's Falkenberg Farewall (Farväl Falkenberg) (4,20).




This year the New Polish Film Competition was organised for the second time and the award in the amount of PLN 100.000 has been endowed by the President of Wrocław to Paradise too far away (Raj za daleko) by Radosław Markiewicz (Poland). Additionally Rafal Kapelinski's film The Ballad of Piotrowski (Ballada o Piotrowskim) was awarded.

Prize was awarded by international jury, consisting of: Marion Hänsel, (Wallonia -Brussels, Belgium) - producer, Sounds of sound's director (Si le vent soulève les sables), presented on festival ( Belgium, France 2006 / 96') ; Ron Havilio, (Israel), director, the author of the winning film Potosi  : the journey (Potosi: le temps du voyage) (Israel/France 2007, 246'); Marina Fabbri, (Italy) film critic, The Courmayeur Noir Film Festival director, popularizing polish cinematography abroad.



Polish Short Film Competition winners, voted by the audience were:

For the best film: Emily cries ( Emilka płacze ) by Rafał Kapeliński (average rating: 4,96)

For the best documentary: There Is Nothing To Be Afraid (A czego się tu bać) by Małgorzata Szumowska (average rating: 5,09)

Additionally Sunlight and Shadow (Światło i Cień) by Jan Holubek was awarded (average rating: 4,68)

For the best animation film: The Countdown (Warzywniak 360) by Andrzej Barański (average rating: 4,19)

Additionally Alter Ego by Kuba Gryglicki was awarded.


Co-organizer and prize founder was The Associacion of Polish Filmmakers (Stowarzyszenie Filmowców Polskich).






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