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Falkenberg Farewell

NEW HORIZONS International Competition
Farväl Falkenberg
dir. Jesper Ganslandt / Sweden, Denmark 2006 / 91’
Film description

John Axel Eriksson (John), Holger Eriksson (Holger), David Johnson, (David), Jesper Ganslandt (Jesper)

It's the last summer in Falkenberg. Five childhood friends who have become young men. David who yearns to be a child again and Holger who never wants to move away. Two best friends that escape to the forest and to the ocean, away from the future. Jesper constantly returns home without anybody really noticing that he's been gone. Jörgen finances his catering company, "Breakfast in bed" by burglarizing houses. And John, always in a bad mood, yet believes that bacon makes him happy. The future looms at the horizon, but all of them won't be there to see it.

IFF Venice 2006


Falkenberg Farewell was shot over a summer, featuring non-professional actors and largely improvised dialogue, and took almost a year to edit. The minimalist style will elicit comparisons to everyone from Tsai Mingliang (especially Vive l'amour) to Gus Van Sant - and first-time director Ganslandt is, shockingly, as skilled at establishing a mood as these veterans.

Steve Gravestock, IFF Toronto 2006 Catalogue




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