20th JULY, 10:00
Warszawa Cinema, small
21th JULY, 16:00
Warszawa Cinema, small


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Set 1: Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival

short films - documentaries, features
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Singapure 2007, 6'

director: Royston Tan

screenplay: Royston Tan

sales: Royston Tan

In different parts of the island, different individuals are engaged in different day-to-day activities and thinking different thoughts, but they are all connected. In D.I.Y., the squeak of dirty plates, the tap of a finger against a seafood restaurant aquarium, the thump of feet inside a cargo lift, and many other disparate sounds, all come together into a quirky and funky piece of beat science, a human - and humane - music.


Ireland 2006, 6'

director: Margaret Corkery

screenplay: Margaret Corkery

sales: Venom Film

On a stormy night, 2 girls and 2 boys drive up a dark, derelict laneway looking for thrills, very quickly, the night turns sinister.

The Pub / Die Kneipe

Germany 2006, 10'

director: Gabriel Gauchet, Andrzej Kròl

screenplay: Gabriel Gauchet, Andrzej Kròl

sales: FH Dortmund

language: German

The film is a dark lyrical portrait of a pub and the people who linger in it. While they increasingly lose themselves into innermost thoughts, their perception of things starts mingling with surreal events.

Machine / Máquina

Spain 2006, 17'

director: Rodrigo Gabe Ibáñez

screenplay: Rodrigo Gabe Ibáñez

sales: Aprieta Fuerte, Tapadera Efectos Raros, User T38

A girl discovers her new nature through pain and confusion and she finds the way to achieve the lost harmony.

The Office / Bureau

France 2006, 7'30"

director: Frédérick Vin

screenplay: Frédérick Vin

sales: Frédérick Vin

language: French

Charles Sanson gets out of jail with the firm decision of making deep changes in the ways he leads his existence.

Without title / Uten Tittle

Norway 2005, 14'

director: Anja Breien

screeenplay: Tonino Guerra

salles: Aprilfilm AS

The fact that painters and graphic artists often name their works Without title is really interesting. In that way, they avoid programming the viewer, who is allowed to study the image with an open mind. Like in this film. A film without a title - but also without dialogue.

Doing Mikles well / Fare bene Mikles

Italy 2004, 17'

director: Christian Angeli

screenplay: Tomasso Capolichio, Chritian Angeli

sales: Verdecchifilm

language: Italian

The story of Sergio and Maria, brother and sister, who have invented a game they called 'Mikles' because they have been brought up in an oppressive and violent way. It is their own technique to overcome physical and psychological pain.


Germany 2006, 9'

director: Jörg Wagner

screenplay: Jörg Wagner

sales: Short Film Agency Hamburg

The world of the hellriders: men and motorbikes, speed and stunts, gasoline and adrenaline. Racing their antique bikes around the wood-panelled walls of a circular tower, the riders appear to defy gravity. Motodrom stylishly captures the atmosphere in beautiful black-and-white imagery using energetic camerawork and pulsating sound.




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