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Life on Marz: A Memoire of a Film Teacher

documentaries / essays
dir. Marian Marzyński / USA 2007 / 75’
Film description

Marian Marzynski brings us a warm and very funny autobiographical film about his life as a filmmaker. Here his subject is his first teaching job at the Rhode Island School of Design thirty years ago. Marzynski, who was a recent immigrant from Poland at the time, has an infectious spirit of nostalgia that is surprisingly compelling, thanks to the many salvaged clips of his students' films sprinkled throughout the piece. The class projects have as much boozing, cross-dressing, and nudity as you'd want from a time-capsule of the early 1970s, and Marzynski's good-natured anecdotes are the perfect thread to stitch together this story. He looks up some of his former students one by one, and together their reminiscences of art school make a delightful addition to the festival program.

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