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Seven Easy Pieces by Marina Abramovic

special screenings
dir. Babette Mangolte / USA 2007 / 95’
Film description

Marina Abramovic

The film of Seven Easy Pieces by Marina Abramovic is about the performing body and how it affects viscerally the people who confront it, look at it and participate in the transcendental experience that is its primary effect. The ceremonial and meditative are the common responses to the week-long series of performances that took place in November 2005 at the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

The fascination comes from the revelation of the physical transformation of Marina Abramović's exposed body due to the rigorous discipline of being there on display each day for seven hours without any restrictive boundaries. The attentive audience fed into the art and Marina's aesthetics is what is explored. It is as if a monastic urge attracted the mystical among us viewers who were there to participate. And the film, by focusing on Marina's minute changes and strain during the long seven hours of each piece, explores in a systematic way a body without limit and increases the awareness of how participatory body art is.

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