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The Man from London

dir. Bela Tarr / Hungary 2007 / 132’
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Miroslav Krobot, Tilda Swinton, Volker Spengler, Ági Szirtes, János Szirtes, Erika Bók, Gyula Pauer, István Lénárt

Maloin leads a simple life without prospects at the edge of the infinite sea; he barely notices the world around him, has already accepted the slow and inevitable deterioration of life around him and his all but complete loneliness. When he becomes a witness to a murder, his life takes a sudden turn. He comes face to face with issues of morality, sin, punishment, the line between innocence and complicity in a crime, and this state of scepsis leads him to the ontological question of the meaning and worth of existence. The film is about desire, man's indestructible longing for a life of freedom and happiness, about illusions never to be realised - about things that give all of us energy to continue living, to go to sleep and get up day after day ...

IFF Cannes 2007


If I have to say why I like and was drawn to this story, the direct answer is that it deals with the eternal and the everyday at one and the same time. It deals with the cosmic and the realistic, the divine and the human, and to my mind, contains the totality of nature and man, just as it contains their pettiness.

Bela Tarr




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