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Night Train

50 years of Polish Film School
dir. Jerzy Kawalerowicz / Poland 1959 / 93’
Film description

Lucyna Winnicka (Marta), Leon Niemczyk (Jerzy), Teresa Szmigielówna (żona adwokata), Zbigniew Cybulski (Staszek), Helena Dąbrowska (konduktorka), Ignacy Machowski (pasażer wagonu sypialnego)

The film is set in a train travelling from Warszawa to Hel. Marta, a young woman hiding her dramatic emotions; Staszek, a somewhat crazy young man in love who is following her; Jerzy, a doctor agonizing over the death of a patient (an excellent performance by Leon Niemczyk), an ageing lawyer and his coquettish and irritating wife, a priest and pilgrims, an insomniac, a caring ticket inspector and a train chief. These are participants in this film by Kawalerowicz. Suddenly, the information that there is a killer hiding on the train agitates all the passengers. When a man jumps off the coach, the travellers decide to chase him.

Due to the director's talent we can watch closely the psychological games played by each of the passengers. Everyone is in some way unsatisfied with what he has, Kawalerowicz said, and he keeps for himself a way out, an unclear possibility. Space is restricted, forcing the director to use formal solutions, which help to increase the tenseness of the plot, even though not much actually happens in the film. Night Train by Kawalerowicz is a directorial masterpiece, of perfect form and psychological substance. The film won the Georges Mélies Award and Lucyna Winnicka received a special award at the International Film Festival in Venice for her performance as Marta.

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