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films featuring Gosia Dobrowolska
dir. John Dingwall / Australia 1990 / 85’
Film description

Gosia Dobrowolska (Renate Simmons), Sean Scully (David Simmons)

Phobia is the brilliant, low budget directorial debut of an independent filmmaker, John Dingwall, who was a recognized screenwriter before. The film is set in the confined space of a charming little suburban house, where a couple lives. They have been married for nine years. All this makes up the background of a psychological thriller and a shrewd study of a toxic marriage. The main character, Renate (Gosia Dobrowolska) is married to David - a psychologist addicted to alcohol. Gradually, she matures and wants to terminate this hopeless relationship. However, her main problem is fear of open spaces and public places. This phobia has dominated her life entirely. She practically never leaves home, she has never worked: she depends on her husband completely. Knowing her limitations, David encourages her initially to be independent, only to prove that she is unable of it. When Renate realizes, that the man has deliberately manipulated her for all these years, she finds strength and determination to fight her own weakness and oppose the sadistic husband. Husband and wife will fight an unsentimental dual in the airless, claustrophobic atmosphere of the last 24 hours spent together.

Monika Kocbuch




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