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The Book of Revelation

new Australian cinema
dir. Ana Kokkinos / Australia 2006 / 117’
Film description

Tom Long (Daniel), Greta Scacchi (Isabel), Colin Friels (Olsen), Ana Maria Belo (Sally), Sibylla Budd (Deborah), Zoe Coyle (Renate), Nadine Garner (Margot)

The second full-length feature from Ana Kokkinos, after the confronting Head-On, is the equally confronting The Book of Revelation, which deals with aggressive female sexuality. Based on a novel by Rupert Thomson, the film features Tom Long as a classical dancer who lives with his on-stage partner, Bridget (Anna Torv). One day he goes out to buy cigarettes - and simply disappears. Twelve days later he returns home with a strange story - he was kidnapped and sexually abused by three women who were constantly masked. From now on he becomes determined to find the women who held him prisoner and he obsessively searches all the women with whom he has relationships for tell-tale signs which would identify them with one of his tormentors. The strange, haunting story is designed to cause debate and controversy, and the some of the sexual scenes border on porno; but the creepy mood is skilfully created with the help of the generally fine performances and the excellent use of music by Cezary Skubiszewski.

David Stratton


Daniel's quest is for something chimerical, profane and indescribable. To capture this on film is colossally difficult, requiring Kokkinos to deal with the idea of absence as a character.

Noah Cowan, IFF Toronto 2005




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