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24th JULY, 09:45
Helios 7
27th JULY, 19:00
Warszawa Cinema, small


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new Australian cinema
dir. David Caesar / Australia 2000 / 89’
Film description

Ben Mendelsohn (Eddie Maloney/Mullet), Susie Porter (Tully), Kris McQuade (Gwen), Tony Barry (Col), Andrew S. Gilbert (Peter Maloney), Belinda McCory (Kay), Peta Brady (Robbie), Wayne Blair (James), Paul Kelman (Gary)

Eddie, known as 'Mullet' returns home to Coollawarra after three years away and picks up the pieces of his life. Tully, the girlfriend he left behind, has married his brother, Pete, the local policeman. Nobody seems very happy to see Mullet back home, even his parents and his sister, Robbie. But he doesn't form a relationship with Kath, who runs the local pub. Nothing much happens on the surface of this subtle, gentle film which is suffused with both humour and sadness, but writer-director David Caesar is tackling the basic issues - how to get on with people - and does so with honesty and insight.

David Stratton



Genesis of this film comes from a pretty bleak period when I'd not long been out of a seven year relationship. We'd broken up the year before and suddenly she was getting married. I found that very confronting. If there's one thing I know about, it's the dilemmas of being male in post-industrial society.

David Caesar




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