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Journey Among Women

Australian New Wave
dir. Tom Cowan / Australia 1977 / 93’
Film description

June Pritchard (Elizabeth Harrington), Martin Phelan (kpt. McEwan), Nell Campbell (Meg), Lillian Crombie (Kameragul), Diane Fuller (Bess)

Tom Cowan is principally known as a cinematographer, but he has directed a handful of films, most notably this drama which is set in the colonial era and deals with a group of convict women who escape their prison and wander off into the bush. There they shed their clothes and successfully fight off a small troop of soldiers sent to re-capture them. Jeune Pritchard, Nell Campbell and Lisa Peers play the principal roles in this quasi-feminist project which is very much of its time; the women establish a kind of hippy commune and prove to be more than able to live without men.

David Stratton




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