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This is England

screening on the market square
dir. Shane Meadows / UK 2006 / 100’
Film description

Thomas Turgoose (Shaun), Stephen Graham (Combo), Jo Hartley (Cynthia Fields), Andrew Shim (Milky), Vicky McClure (Lol), Joseph Gilgun (Woody), Perry Benson (Meggy), George Newton (Banjo)

England in 1983. Twelve-year-old Shaun lives in a run-down harbour town. Shaun's father was killed during the war in the Falklands. Wandering about the streets in the bell-bottoms his father bought for him, Shaun runs into Woody and his skinhead mates. They become friends and Shaun joins their gang. At a party Shaun meets Smell, who gives him his first kiss, and Combo, who has just been released from prison. Soon all the kids are in awe of the older man - even if his racist comments shock them. Shortly after this, the gang follows Combo to a meeting of the right-wing radical National Front. Before long, the gang starts terrorising the neighbourhood with right-wing slogans, assaults and graffiti. But Combo, like all the other members of the gang, dreams of having a different life entirely.

IFF Berlin 2007


A wry comedic touch permeates all of Shane Meadows's work, even when he deals with gritty, disturbing material. Perhaps this contrast has never been as evident as it is in his newest film. This Is England features moments of charming lunacy and sweet humour, all the while uncovering an underbelly of England that is violent, racist and angry.

IFF Toronto 2006




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