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Beauty in Trouble

Kráska v nesnázích
dir. Jan Hřebejk / Czech Republic 2006 / 110’
Film description

Jana Brejchová (Matka Marceli), Roman Luknár (Jarda), Emília Vásáryová (Matka Jardy), Jirí Schmitzer (Ojciec Marceli), Anna Geislerová (Marcela)

Marcela is an attractive wife and mother of two children in her thirties. Her husband Jarda has a car shop, where he transforms stolen cars to sumptuous vehicles. The family is in a financial and personal crisis after the floods. Only the sexual dependency of the couple keeps them together and the obstinate endeavor of Marcela's somehow alienated mother-in-law. One day Marcela loses her patience and she leaves with the children to go to her mother's.At her lowest, Marcela, meets a much older man. Evzen is rich and, what's more, noble and cultivated. He lives in Tuscany and owns a villa in the Czech Republic. The Beauty, tested by destiny, sees the possibility of a better life with him…

IFF Thessaloniki 2006


As in his most recent films, Pupendo and Up and Down, Czech director Jan Hrebejk's Beauty in Trouble looks at the impact of contemporary events on traditional Czech culture. In this latest offering, he deftly uses a romantic relationship between a beautiful young mother and an older, well-to-do Czech expatriate as a metaphor for moral upheaval and the allure of Western affluence in a post-Communist society. That he manages to do all of this in a completely entertaining and engrossing manner.

Jane Schoettle, IFF Toronto 2006




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