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A White Ballad

Una ballata bianca
dir. Stefano Odoardi / Italy, Netherlands 2007 / 78’
Film description

Nicola Lanci, Carmela Lanci, Simona Senzacqua, Cristina Andrea

Experimental film in which an ageing couple in taut choreography and reflective voice-over look back on love, life and approaching death.

A woman is standing in a deserted Italian landscape. She is holding a white veil in her hands. Facing her is a stork that is gazing into her eyes. These images form a prelude to this poetic, experimental feature about life, love and death. Or, as the maker puts it, a cinematographic journey of words and images, about isolation, childhood, decay and death.An elderly couple, together for many years, live in an apartment. Their life develops like an old record player: slow and repetitive. The couple moves silently in a strict choreography through their quiet house. In a voice-over, we hear their thoughts and their memories. The woman is incurably ill and is preparing in silence for the inevitable farewell. Approaching death blows through the house, where daylight is avoided. Words are no longer able to express real meanings.

Sandra den Hamer, IFF Rotterdam 2007




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