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Forever Never Anywhere

Immer nie am Meer
dir. Antonin Svoboda / Austria 2007 / 88’
Film description

Christoph Grissemann (Anzengruber), Dirk Stermann (Baisch), Heinz Strunk (Schwanenmeister), Philip Bialowski (Toni), Eva Maria Neubauer (Geherin), Markus Hering (Heimleiter)

Two men are on their way to the opening of a wine store. One is unhappily married to the owner, the other only wants to get drunk. In the meantime, a handicapped comedian with an accordion tries to cheer up a reception somewhere. That isn't an easy task either. The accordionist leaves. His car breaks down on the verge. The other two men pick him up in the dark. They start talking and are only just able to avoid running over the jogging beauty. The car runs down a wooded hill and gets stuck. The three men are rats in a trap.In the comedy that then develops, the three men veer between mutual irritation, comradeship and dependence. Unwelcome intimacies are exchanged, secrets are given away. Comic dialogues follow each other around in an indefinable period of time in which they are manipulated in an incomprehensible way by someone unknown.

Light-hearted comedy with dry dialogue, revealed secrets and unwanted intimacy. This modern and light-hearted farce is built on three very different (and convincingly acted) characters who are at the mercy of each other in a claustrophobic space and have to keep their spirits up.

SdH, IFF Rotterdam 2007




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