25th JULY, 18:00
Scena Gotycka
25th JULY, 21:30
Scena Gotycka
26th JULY, 18:00
Scena Gotycka
27th JULY, 18:30
Scena Gotycka
27th JULY, 21:30
Scena Gotycka
28th JULY, 21:30
Scena Gotycka
29th JULY, 19:30
Scena Gotycka


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Relax Gong-bathing

special events
Relaksacyjna kąpiel w gongu
About the event

A therapeutic concert with healing sounds of gongs and Tibetan bowls. It is meant for people, who want to cure their emotions, find harmony and relax, as well as initiate and enforce self-healing process. Everyone can attend the Concert, regardless of age.

Gong is an ancient instrument of powerful vibrations; it produces sounds, which resound more strongly than those generated by any other known instrument. When it vibrates, musical reverberations can be felt in every single part of body.
According to historians and musicologists, it was created in the early Bronze Age, about 3500 years B.C. in Mesopotamia.
Ancient mystics believed, that you can transfer the universal life energy to people with original sound of a gong. Gong therapy is a method of retrieving joy and vibrations, it begins a spiritual development path with a combination of tones of gongs.

25th July (Wednesday), 6.00 p. m. and 9.30 p.m.
26th July (Thursday), 6.00 p.m.
27th July (Friday), 6.30 p. m. and 9.30 p.m.
28th July (Saturday), 9.30 p.m.
29th July (Sunday), 7.30 p.m.

Venue: “Scena Gotycka”, 1, Purkyniego St.

Tickets: PLN 20 (about 60 minutes), sale starts on 13th July

Number of tickets is limited.




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