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Life on Marz: A Memoire of a Film Teacher

documentaries / essays
dir. Marian Marzyński / USA 2007 / 75’
Information about director

Marian Marzyński he was born in Warsaw in 1937. Director, he works as a film producer and director for American television networks. In the 1960s he became a well known personality of Polish Television and the author of the popular programmes. In 1969 he went abroad, first to Denmark. In 1972 he worked as a lecturer at the Rhode Island School of Design where he run film courses until 1977. During this time he and his students, including Gus Van Sant and Bob Richardson, completed about 200 films.

Selected filmography:

1963 Powrót statku / Return of the Ship

1964 Pożegnanie z ojczyzną / Farawell to Fatherland

1966 Przepraszamy za usterki / We Apologize for All Inconvenience

1969 Ziemia Puławska / Pulavian Land

1981 Powrót do Polski / Return to Poland

1982 Żydowska matka / Jewish Mother

1983 Doniesienia z Warszawy / Doniesienia z Warszawy

1984 Witajcie w Ameryce / Welcome to America

2004 Ja, Gombro / I, Gombro

2005 Anya / Anya In and Out of Focus

2005 Żyd pośród Niemców / A Jew Among the Germans

2007 Life on Marz: wspomnienia nauczyciela filmu / Life on Marz: A Memoire of a Film Teacher




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