Over 350 long and short-length films, over 100 Polish premieres, approximately 600 screenings in 13 cinema auditoriums.  7. ERA NEW HORIZONS International Film Festival in Wrocław from July 19 to 29, 2007

Similarly to the past editions, the most important part of the festival will be the New Horizons International Competition covering 18 films that have not yet been presented in Poland, and which are carefully selected from among hundreds of titles shown at international festivals and film fairs. One of the films will receive a GRAND PRIX – the festival’s main prize awarded by the public.

The second edition of the New Polish Film Competition presents premieres of full-length Polish feature as well as documentary films. An international jury will give the winner the Wrocław Film Award  funded by the President of the city of Wrocław worth PLN 100,000 (60,000 for the director, 40,000 for the producer). 

Polish Short Film Competition allows the festival audience to follow the latest Polish productions of short and medium-lenght films. Short feature films will join the documentary and animated film section in this edition of the competition. Similarly to the past, this project is being organised in co-operation with the Association of Polish Filmmakers.

Panorama of Contemporary Cinema: Masters and Discoveries is a selection of films awarded during the most important international film festivals. The Panorama is divided into two parts. The masters part is devoted to films produced by renowned filmmakers. In the discoveries part you can find new talents. Special Screenings - the most interesting phenomena of this season - will be an important element of this section.

Novelty in this edition - Screenings in the Town Square-  give the participants as well as the people of Wrocław an opportunity to admire film art in a picturesque scenery of the old town .

Australian cinema, section presenting one of the most exotic cinematography  still not well-known in Poland will be divided into 3 parts:
- Australian new wave films – the greatest achievements of the Australian cinema in the 1970s (films by such renown filmmakers as Peter Weir, Bruce Beresford, Gillian Armstrong)
- films produced in the last 7 years, showing the latest trends observed in the Australian cinematography

- films starring Gosia Dobrowolska (Paul Cox’s star, Polish actress born in Wrocław but living in Australia)

Films for this section were selected by David Stratton, a world known Australian critic who once worked with Variety magazine. The review will be accompanied by cultural events organised jointly with the Australian Embassy and showing the exotic and specifics of this far-away country: a plenary exhibition of photographs about Australia to be viewed in the Town Square from July 9 to 30, 2007 and a slide show by Marek Tomalik - a traveller, journalist and huge fan of this exotic continent.

Documentaries/Essays is a selection of films where the producers talk about the reality surrounding them using a unique language. Musical documentaries will account for a large portion of this section. 

Midnight Madness are films made with a “wink of an eye” and playing with conventions. Same as every year, the most interesting proposals of the Asian popular culture will constitute an important part of this section.

The 2006/2007 Season is a selection of the most interesting titles presented by Polish cinemas during the 2006/2007 season.

Short Films is a review of European short-length films presenting the most interesting trends observed in recent years among the creators of this film form.

Dance Cinema – section organised in co-operation with The Contemporary Dance Theatre  Arka (Teatr Tańca Współczesnego Arka), Jacek Gębura, and the Dance Cinema Foundation  (Fundacja Kino Tańca) - this is a selection of the most interesting dance films from all over the world: etudes, features, and documentaries given prizes at the most important dance film and dance video festivals.

The Children and Youth Program are carefully selected films for the youngest ones, accompanied by get-togethers with the creators and by art workshops.



Hal Hartley
Full review of the works of the filmmaker known as the Long Island Godard, one of the most important directors of the American independent cinema. The retrospective will include not only Hartley’s best-known works such as Henry Fool and Amateur but also his short-length feature films. Hal Hartley will appear as a special guest during the festival and will present the Wrocław’s audience not just his works but Hal Hartley Carte Blanche presenting films that served as the greatest inspiration for the director. A supplement to Hartley’s film portrait will be the publication of a book on his works.

Federico Fellini
This will be the first such complementary retrospective of one of the great masters of European cinematography in Poland. Fellini - screenplay writer, director, and cartoonist, co-founder of the Italian Neorealism, who, through his subsequent masterpieces like La Strada, The Sweet Life or
, presented himself to the world as one of the first representatives of the author  cinema. Screenings of all the works of the Italian master will be accompanied by numerous documents about his artistic personality.

50 years of Polish film school
A review presenting the movement which took the Polish cinematography to international festivals organised in collaboration with the Polish Film Institute. Shows of the most renowned Polish directors - Andrzej Wajda, Andrzej Munk, Jerzy Kawalerowicz, or Kazimierz Kutz – will be accompanied by meetings with the filmmakers, press conferences, and lectures held by a renowned film critic and lecturer at the Jagiellonian University, professor Tadeusz Lubelski. The initiative will not just be an interesting and educational proposal for the participants but will surely constitute an opportunity to get the numerous foreign guests acquainted with the achievements of the Polish cinematography.

Zbigniew Cybulski
Retrospective to commemorate the 80th birthday and 40th anniversary of death of this renowned actor organised in Wrocław - site of his tragic death. The selection will include 10 most interesting films from the actor’s rich portfolio of works. The initiative will not just be an interesting and educational proposal for the participants but will surely constitute an opportunity to get the numerous foreign guests acquainted with the achievements of the Polish cinematography.

Julian Józef Antonisz
The first full retrospective in Poland of the works of the renowned Polish cartoonist, filmmaker, and composer. Julian Józef Antonisz, one of the most original representatives of the Polish animation
  school, was a founder of new film making techniques and a consistent creator of non-camera pictures – funny and surrealistic picture stories. 


Special events
- The Blood of a Poet (Le Sang d`un poete), directed by Jean Cocteau, France 1931
music composed and played by Harmonie Band and David James of Hilliard Ensemble.

- The Passion of Joan of Arc (La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc), directed by Carl Theodore Dreyer, France 1928
music composed and played by Hilliard Ensemble and Harmonie Band.




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