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We invite to a meeting with musicians from the Hilliard Ensemble in the Australia Cafe

27 lip 07

July 28 at 19:00 in the Wrocław Opera: a unique artistic event, the show of a silent movie “Passion of Joan of Arc” directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer , to the music of Hilliard Ensemble and Harmonie Band.

It will be the premiere performance of the composition.


Mariusz Grzegorzek – an excellent movie director and author of video clips, among others, working for the Jaracza Theater in Łodz, Powszechny Theater in Warsaw and the Telewizji Theater prepared the Saturday event. Grzegorzek, known mainly from his small-audience productions analyzing in detail the psychology of characters, says about his works:"I am interested in suggestive relations between people. (...) I am extremely keen on the attempt to reach the deepest layers of our personalities”

The output of that director contains mainly English and American psychological dramas: POISON PEN by Ronald Harwood, THE GLASS MENAGERIE and A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE by Tennessee Williams, ASHES TO ASHES... by Harold Pinter or SIMPATICO by Sam Shepard. His debutante movie ROZMOWA Z CZŁOWIEKIEM Z SZAFY was distinguished with a Special Award of the Jury at the FESTIVAL OF THE POLISH FICTION MOVIES IN GDYNIA in 1993, the Andrzej Munk award and an award for the directing debut at the International Movie Festival in Alexandria (1994).”

The intriguing music for the show was prepared by the Hilliard Ensemble group – probably the most renowned chamber vocal formation in the world, with huge experience and many achievements, incomparable in the area of ancient and contemporary music. Musicians will be accompanied by Harmonie Band, which attained a wide group of fans thanks to their extremely original author’s elaborations of music for classic silent movies.

Premiere show directed by Mariusz Grzegorzek is to be broadcast by the TVP Kultura in the autumn 2007.

We also invite you to a meeting with musicians from the Hilliard Ensemble to be held on July 28 at 11. 00 in the Australia Cafe – the Festival Club at the back of the Puppet Theater.

Michał Chaciński will manage the meeting





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