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Małe Instrumenty will play music by Julian Józef Antonisz at the ENH festival

15 lip 07

Julian Józef Antonisz was one of the most original Polish artists and one of the greatest eccentrics of the Polish cinema. He specialized in visual arts, film and literature and he was also an inventor. He insisted on making films without camera, he also composed music for his non-camera pieces himself. By rejecting traditional film conventions Antonisz endeavoured to find new forms of visual expression. He thought in the same way about all the domains of art – he liked independent creativity, craftsmanship, without surrendering to budgetary or technical limitations. When his films were screened at the film festival in Oberhausen he gave the audience a unique accompaniment to his works – he himself played a piano out of tune and various everyday tools. 

The small instruments’ group follows the director’s idea of artistic endeavours and it will make his world closer and more understandable for us with sounds. Waiving the classical range of instruments, the musicians focus on the tones of the small instruments: the charming, limited and unusual sounds. The concerts will take place at the first weekend of the festival: on the 21st and 28th July at 7.00pm at Wrocław Puppet Theatre and they will come before the screenings of short films by Julian Józef Antonisz.

More info about the group: www.maleinstrumenty.com




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